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Fire drill, prevent problems before they happen

2018-07-12 21:45:00 来源: 阅读:

At 15:30 on June 29, 2018, as five fire smoke bombs were pulled up in turn, a burst of white smoke appeared on the production site, which also opened the curtain of the company's 2018 full fire drill. Looking at the increasingly smog, the employees immediately relayed the fire information to each other. The heads of various departments immediately went to the production site to organize employees to evacuate to the nearest safety exit, and used the nearest fire-fighting equipment to carry out the initial fire.

In the process of evacuation and escape, employees use handkerchiefs, clothing and other items to cover their nose and mouth, prevent inhalation of toxic and harmful gases, and bend down to the safe exit and escape from the fire. After arriving at the assembly point basketball court, the employees arranged their formations in an orderly manner according to their respective teams. The department heads in turn counted the number of their respective teams, confirming that their respective employees were in place and safely arrived at the meeting place.

After the employees were assembled, the head of the personnel administration department began to explain the use of the fire extinguisher to the employees. The use procedure of “one mention, two pulls and three sprays” was not complicated, and the employees also raised the fire extinguisher on the scene with great interest. Four iron barrels that have already ignited flames are sprayed and extinguished.

After the practice of the fire extinguisher, the director of the cold heading workshop began to introduce CPR to the staff, because the wounded in the scene of the fire is prone to suffocation. From judging whether the injured employee is conscious, to the chest compression, artificial breathing operation skills, the director of the cold-hearted workshop has detailed instructions and patient explanations, so that employees understand how to fight against life in an emergency.

The national safety production policy of "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management" has laid the foundation for safety production work. Preventing problems before they occur and safe work forward is the best way to prevent safety accidents. The exercise is not acting. By simulating the occurrence of fire, employees understand and familiar with the emergency treatment after the fire, which can effectively reduce and prevent the occurrence of casualties.